Who is Eddie Cochran exactly?

If you are young, you may have never heard of Eddie Cochran, but you have undoubtedly listened to at least one of his evergreens. Don’t tell me that you have never danced to the beat of ‘C’mon Everybody’! If you like this hit, then you will probably be interested in finding out some more information about Eddie.

Eddie Cochran quickly became one of the most famous rock and roll performers of his time, but he also experimented in other music genres. In addition to this, he also starred in several movies thanks to his good-looking appearance, charm, and talent.

Interesting Facts from Eddie Cochran’s Biography

The full name of Eddie was Edward Raymond Cochran. He was born in Minnesota, but when he was 14 years old, his family decided to move to California. This was the place where he first began to play the guitar. However, he played other instruments, too. Unfortunately, Eddie was only 21 when his life path ended. Thanks to his influence on rock, his name was inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame, which is the top reward a rock performer can deserve.

The Beginning of Eddie Cochran’s Career

At the age of 16, Cochran joined a band in which he was the second vocalist. As the songwriter Hank Cochran (who was not a relative of Eddie) was also part of the group, people started calling it ‘The Cochran Brothers’. The genre in which the band created music was country-western. However, a bit after 1955, the band was not that famous anymore, and they had to break up. Eddie started his career in rock and roll inspired by Elvis Presley’s unique style, while Hank continued writing songs but in Nashville.

Eddie’s Hits Became Some of the Most Popular Evergreens

Eddie managed to entertain the audience not only thanks to his good looks and talent but also thanks to the texts of his songs. Most of his hits were related to parties, girls, problems at school, and other similar topics in which teenagers at that time were interested. Undoubtedly, Eddie’s first hit was considered to be ‘Sittin’ in the Balcony,’ which was released in 1957.

However, we can all agree that his most famous songs were ‘Summertime Blues’ and ‘C’mon Everybody, ‘ both of which were released in 1958. There is hardly any living man on Earth who has never heard at least one of these evergreens. Probably, few of us know that Eddie Cochran co-wrote both songs. He created ‘Summertime Blues’ with Jerry Capehart, who was his producer at that time. It was Eddie’s girlfriend, Sharon Sheeley, who co-wrote ‘C’mon Everybody’ with him.

Eddie’s Last Hit and the Tragedy in Which He Lost His Life

It was in 1960 when Eddie Cochran, Sharon Sheeley, and Gene Vincent traveled back to London after a concert in Bristol. Their car crashed and killed Eddie, Sharon was taken to the hospital, and Gene Vincent was left a semi-cripple. A very short time after this accident, Eddie’s last hit ‘Three Steps to Heaven’ was released.  Interestingly enough, it quickly reached number 1 in the UK where Cochran appeared to have more fans than back at home, in the USA.


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